Product Demand Insights That Maximize Sales.

Sell out your product inventory using new consumer insights that show when it's time to increase promotions, discount prices, or change marketing campaign tactics.

Profit More By Knowing More.

With demand for your products changing all the time, how do you find oppourtunities that grow results? monitors product demand, spots sales oppourtunities and let's you know the moment it's time to profit from it.

The Answers You Need And The Time You Want.

Quick and easy real-time answers on how all your efforts are working together to influence product demand, what "path to purchases" are most effective for sales and why. Plus, sales projections that give you up to 90-day advance notice if changes can be made to grow even more sales.

Insights 100% Unique To Your Business.

Easy to understand real-time product sales projection reports and consumer shopping behavior insights personalized by SKU, categories, geos, campaigns or audience type; sent when, where and to who needs them most.

Sales Projections That Give You Confidence.

Know if you'll achieve or even exceed revenue forecasts by getting on-demand sales projections that are incredibly detailed and up-to 95% accurate. Understand down to the SKU and Geo level the expected sales amounts for your products and services over the next 90 days.

An Easy Way For You To Grow Incredible Results.

No combing through spreadsheets, dashboards, coding or database syntax. With a simple script added to your site/app, goes to work automatically collecting and processing all your data, unlocking new real-time sales insights that set you on the path to maximizing sales.

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