Product Demand Intelligence You Can Do Something With.

We provide predictive product and regional demand intelligence that help marketers, merchandisers, and planners better understand where there's opportunity to drive more sales.

Is maximizing product sales your top priority?

Become one of the many organizations who are producing higher sales by using's new product and regional demand intelligence to know where to prioritize demand generation efforts.

Start with better decisions, end with bigger results.

You need better intel for where to direct your product awareness efforts. provides it by showing what products and regional awareness efforts will resonate most highly with your target customer based upon the products they want most.

Know where and what consumers want buy.

You need to know why, how and what to do next. provides actionable intelligence as to why and where you can drive more product, category or regional demand by showing why and what consumers want to buy.

Use what you already have.

You need timely and relevant information not more data analytics. processes all your real-time product demand data to surface the unique intelligence you need to make better decisions to drive more demand and grow more sales.

Get the best intelligence the easy way.

You don't need another dashboard; you want better intelligence. makes it easy by automatically unlocking all your product demand intelligence through a few lines of simple script added to your site/app/store.

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