The Leading Recommendation Engine For Retail Marketing.

Easily know which marketing opportunities will drive the most sales

Know How, Where, When and Why Advertising will generate more sales. analyzes every region, consumer, and product to uncover your biggest growth opportunities. As opportunities develop, you receive recommendations on the ideal combination of products, regions and advertising networks that will address demand and maximize sales.

Target high potential opportunities

The latest in AI technology helps retailers focus marketing spend on the highest potential sales opportunities by automatically creating and ranking tens of millions of product sales combinations and notifying which have the ideal conditions for paid marketing to grow the most sales.

Pinpoint region, category or product

Leading product sales indicators give retailers an easy to understand 360-degree view of untapped product, category or regional sales opportunities and include recommendations for why and how best to engage using either digital or print product messaging tactics.

Easier advertising campaign planning

By continuously evaluating for product sales opportunity, gives retailers a forward looking view into what products or regions will perform best with upcoming advertising campaign plans.

Setup is painless

Recommendations are generated on the fly by collecting real-time customer journey data from ecommerce, mobile and point of sales solutions, a few lines of code is all that is required.

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